Radius & Curved Roofing Panels
Distinctive Style

Curved and Radius Roofs
Are Timeless

While some roofs are merely functional, arched metal roofing adds a unique design element that is always in style. Arches and curves have been used since the beginning of architecture to add stylistic details and make building elements stand out. Standing seam roof panels that have an arch or radius are still on trend today.
Commercial or Residential

Experienced Curved Metal Roofing Fabrication

Curved metal roofs are used commonly in commercial buildings, but they are gaining popularity in residential construction as well. Some projects include a curved aspect in a specific area, such as an entry or walkway. Others use large portions of curved roofing to give the whole building a certain style.

Curved Roofing Experts

The process of fabricating curved metal roofing is complex, and at Accurate Metals, we have the experience and equipment to fabricate any curve or radius you need. Curved metal roofing is understandably more expensive than flat metal roofing, but the custom styling and eye-catching appeal is worth the investment.

Accurate Metals specializes in custom radius and curved roofing panels. Our techniques create a strong panel that fits perfectly in place. We work closely with architects, engineers, and contractors to ensure accurate measurements for fabrication. We offer our radius products in a variety of metals and colors. Let us help you with your custom radius applications, call today!

Material Available

.032 – .063 Aluminuim
16oz – 20oz Copper
16ga – 26ga Galvanized
24ga – 26ga Galvalume

15 stock colors available.