Dormers & Louvers
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Window and Louvered Dormers

Metal Dormers are architectural features that add an attractive aesthetic to your building. Louvered dormers are also functional elements commonly used for HVAC vents or exhaust plenums. Window dormers can be used to create extra space in the roof structure and also provide ventilation and light.

Barrel Dormers


Half Round Dormers


Eyebrow Dormers


Triangle Dormers


Birdhouse Dormers


Custom Dormers


Dormers Provide Functional
and Aesthetic Value

Metal dormers are commonly built out of structural materials such as Copper, Zinc, Lead Coated Copper, Freedom Gray and even Stainless Steel and Galvanized Steel. Copper is the most popular material due to its durability and beautiful patina.

Distinct Styling

We can custom build decorative sloped dormers and louvers to meet your specific needs. Our custom fabricated dormers are an excellent way to add distinct styling to your building, while providing ventilation which improves lifespan of the building as well.


We are able to fabricate a wide variety of dormer styles, from simple to intricate designs. We build them to fit the pitch of your roof. Contact us for details and pricing.


Material Available

.032 – .063 Aluminuim
16oz – 20oz Copper
16ga – 26ga Galvanized
24ga – 26ga Galvalume

15 stock colors available.