Concealed Fastener Metal Wall Panels
Modern Elegance

Concealed fastener metal panels provide a clean, unbroken aesthetic

Accurate Metal’s concealed fastener metal wall panels combine contemporary aesthetic beauty with the durability of metal. Our metal wall panels create a bold look that adds curb appeal to any project while providing a weathertight seal. By using a fastener system where the fasteners are fully concealed, concealed fastener metal panels provide a clean, elegant look. All Concealed Fastener panels can be installed either vertically or horizontally, depending on the aesthetic you desire.
Functional Beauty

Concealed Fastener Panels provide both
functionality and aesthetics

Concealed fastener wall panels are attached to the substructure without any visible fasteners. Instead, these panels are installed with clips and/or screws that are attached behind the face of the panel. Once installed, concealed fasteners are not visible on the exterior of the wall. Concealing the fasteners inside interlocking panel joints adds protection from the elements and gives them a smooth appearance that is more aesthetically pleasing than exposed fastener panels.

Benefits of Concealed Fastener Metal Wall Panels

Easy to install.
Require little to no maintenance.
Applied in either vertical or horizontal applications.
Protect against mold, erosion and other breaches
Installed without sealants or gaskets.

Material Available

.032 – .063 Aluminuim
16oz – 20oz Copper
16ga – 26ga Galvanized
24ga – 26ga Galvalume

15 stock colors available.